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Welcome to the Wedding portion of the Services section!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. At Prime Entertainment we understand this and will do everthing in our power to make sure your music and entertainment is perfect. We have 3 main packages to choose from deciding on your wedding entertainment needs. If what your looking for isn't covered in our base packages don't hesitate to ask us!! Any questions, inquiries or requests will be hastily handled - check our "Contact" page for our contact information.

"The Dream Package" *

Ceremony to close is covered in our largest and most exclusive package. From even before you say "I do", your music will be skillfully handled by Prime Entertainment. Cocktails, dinner and of course the dance can all be your hand picked music - or you have the option of letting our many years of experience do the work for you. Right from the start we will be there to ensure you have a perfect music setting.

Prices start at: $800.00 +GST (CAD) and up.

"The Delight Package" *

Cocktails to close is covered in our mid-range package. Before you get dinner started we will already have the mood set with some cocktail warm up music. We will continue the tunes right up until the last dances and closing time.

Prices start at: $700.00 +GST (CAD) and up.

"The Basic Package" *

Dinner to close is covered in our basic package. We play a light set of music during your dinner that goes right on through until the dance and closing time.

Prices start at: $550.00 +GST (CAD) and up.


- all events are held under our "Prime Entertainment & DJ Services Event Contract". The contract can be seen and printed here: "Prime Entertainment & DJ Services Event Contract.pdf".

- Any cancellations must be done before 2 months of the wedding date or they will be subject to a $100.00 (CAD) cancellation fee.

- all specialised music considerations (ie. personal song choices, requested music, song omissions, etc.) come free of charge with any package, but must be requested no later then a week prior to the wedding.

- we do not handle any presentation materials (ie. slide-shows, special presentations, etc.) or the equipment used for them. Any events of this nature will be handed off to those responsible for them when requested.

- we have projectors for renting purposes at an extra $75 (CAD).

- we do not rent laptops.

- anything extra can be negotiated or requested with ease! Get a hold of us through the information on our "Contact" page.

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