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Prime Entertainment & DJ Service

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Welcome to the Special Parties portion of the Services section!

What most people don't know is that Prime Entertainment does more then just weddings and christmas parties! We do host a myriad of other events including: New Years parties, Birthday parties and dance parties. Even specialty parties are no problem for our skilled DJ's. Read on to find out more about our various party packages. To book your parties right away please navigate to our "Contact" page.

"The New Years Party Package" *

Mid-evening to close is covered in our New Years party package. We'll get your party rockin' with a mix of the latest beats and classic tunes. Then it's full on party mode right up until the count-down and beyond! There's only one 1st day of the year so get your party booked before time runs out.

Prices start at: $600.00 +GST (CAD) and up.

"The Birthday Party Package" *

A 5 hour scheduled slot is covered in our birthday party package. Your choice of times means you have your music when you want it, how you want it! Special requested music or themed music is no trouble when it comes to your birthday entertainment needs. We also do birthday and party games. Spice up your birthday fun with Prime Entertainment!

Prices start at: $450.00 +GST (CAD) and up.
Add $50.00 (CAD) per additional hour.

"The School Dance Package" *

A 5 hour slot is covered in our school dance package. Whether it is for teens or adults, your dance will be grooving along with our skilled DJ's music mastery. Rock, Country, Techno and Rap - whatever your dance needs, we got your covered.

Prices start at: $500.00 +GST (CAD) and up. Add $50.00 (CAD) per additional hour.

"The Specialty Party Package" *

A 2 hour slot is covered in our specialty party package. House-party, bachelor/bachelorette, outdoor and all other considerations are covered in this party package. Any extra needs or wants will all be handled on a party by party basis - just ask!

Prices start at: $200.00 +GST (CAD) and up. Add $50.00 (CAD) per additional hour.


- all events are held under our "Prime Entertainment & DJ Services Event Contract". The contract can be seen and printed here: "Prime Entertainment & DJ Services Event Contract.pdf".

- Any cancellations must be done before 2 months of the party date or they will be subject to a $100.00 (CAD) cancellation fee.

- all specialised music considerations (ie. personal song choices, requested music, song omissions, etc.) come free of charge with any package, but must be requested no later then a week prior to the party.

- we do not handle any presentation materials (ie. slide-shows, special presentations, etc.) or the equipment used for them. Any events of this nature will be handed off to those responsible for them when requested.

- we have projectors for renting purposes at an extra $75 (CAD).

- we do not rent laptops.

- anything extra can be negotiated or requested with ease! Get a hold of us through the information on our "Contact" page.

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