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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s) section!

Below is several questions that I think will be helpful in providing more information then what may be listed in the regular portions of the website. Please peruse the current listing of questions and if you have any more questions that aren't listed here please get a hold of me via the "Contact" Page.

Question: What is all included in your price?
Answer: All music, lighting and DJ services are outlined in more detail in my "Services" section.

Question: Do you have some sort of contract?
Answer: Yes we do! Our contract is designed to keep things straight forward for both Prime Entertainment and our customers. For a closer look, or a printable copy, please click here: "Prime Entertainment & DJ Services Event Contract.pdf".

Question: What happens if you can't make it to my event?
Answer: I have not missed a wedding or event ever, however if I was unable to fulfill my contract due to unforseen circumstances a replacement DJ of equal professionalism and skill would contracted take my place at no additional cost.

Question: What happens if your equipment fails?
Answer: I use very reliable and state of the art equipment! In the event of a failure I have the ablility to out-source replacement equipment on very short notice.

Question: My sister wants to sing and play the guitar during my wedding. Can she connect up to your DJ system and sound rig?
Answer: Yes she can! We can find a solution for whatever your musical needs are, whether it be hooking into our systems or transitioning the audio as needed.

Question: Will you travel out of town?
Answer: Yes I do out of town events! Many of my clients have been out of the southern Alberta area, however there may be an extra cost depending on the distance.

Question: Do you rent projectors?
Answer: We do rent projectors for an aditional cost of $75. More details on pricing can be found in our "Services" section.

Question: Do you supply laptops or computers in conjunction with the projector rental?
Answer: I am sorry but I do not rent out or provide laptops/computers. If you would like to use computer equipment during your presentation you will have to provide them.

Question: Do you take song requests?
Answer: Yes we do take requests! Song selection can be very important at any type of function. We can include or exclude songs to fit your function's needs - just ask!

Question: Will you play music that is suggestive or filled with swearing?
Answer: I will only play songs that you want to hear and I will only play songs that fit your event needs. Each event has it's own people and atmosphere which means I will adjust my music selection accordingly.

Question: Your price seems a bit lower than the competition, why is that?
Answer: The reason my rates are lower is because I would rather see your function as a whole be a better one. In most events there are other considerations, ie. food, decorations, etc. , which means there are plenty of costs already. The entertainment portion shouldn't be your primary expence, but rather an enhancement for your event. I keep my rates low because I want to be a great addition to your event instead an expensive burden.

Question: Can I refer you to other people if I am happy with your services?
Answer: Absolutely! If you enjoyed my work and know others that would benifit from my services please do not hesitate to refer me!

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